Lunar Sorceress

The lunar sorceress protects the land and gives light in the darkness.

Original watercolor painting in various watercolors and metallic watercolors.

Paper & Dimensions:
Textured natural white cotton watercolor paper of the traditional company St Cuberts Mill (Saunders Waterford) with a paper thickness of 300 g / sqm.
The painting format corresponds to approximately 31 cm in length and 41 cm in height.

Includes acid-free passe-partout and high-quality, blue-white wooden picture frame from the traditional Italian company Bubola & Naibo in the format 47 x 57 cm, with wood from sustainable sources (FSC certified).

Signed on the front, stamped on the back and comes with an art certificate.

The colors of the product may vary slightly from the product photos.


Art.Nr.: Aquarell-Mondzauberin-EN

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