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THE Meditation CD “WAVES”

🌊 You want to use especially effective sounds for your meditation that can calm your mind?

🌊 Are you looking for music that lets you relax but keeps your energy level high?

🌊 Do you want supportive, deeply relaxing music for your meditative movement techniques
such as yoga, QiGong, etc.?

🌊 You want to use the power of overtones, which have even been scientifically studied
and can lower stress hormones?

🌊 You just want to relax, without much distraction and feel carried by a carpet of sound?

Then experience now


“WAVES” is a diverse, pure, deep, musical journey that gives opportunities to experience relaxation, inner peace, connection and letting go.

The instrumental CD with the body tambura as the central instrument – to enjoy and to support relaxation methods, meditation, yoga, qi gong, etc. – was released in 2014. In 2020, the popular CD was reissued with a new, fresh look and revised sound version.

The unique sound carpet of the body tambura and its touching overtone variations are the richly varied center of each arrangement. Sometimes pure, sometimes combined with powerful natural tones or other sound elements. After the body tambura fades away, a “fulfilled silence” remains.

More information about the body tambura instrument can be found below.

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Release Date: 2014
New Edition: 2020
Titel: 5
Minutes Total: 60:14
Hard-Disc incl. Booklet
Weight: 110 g
digital Download as mp3 incl. Booklet as pdf


Length: 9:30 Minutes

Length: 8:47 Minutes

Length: 18:17 Minutes

Length: 12:26 Minutes

Length: 11:07 Minutes

The CD “WAVES” is also available for download! Details below.


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For order request please contact me via art@juliadomenica.com and I will provide you with the bank account or PayPal for payment. Thank you.

The time and costs for shipping depend on your location. Just send your address along with your order request and I will inform you about the shipping time and costs.

Inspirations on how to use the individual songs:

MORNING GLORY – is very stimulating, activating, ethereal
WIDE LANDS – is intended for opening, for a feeling of spaciousness
PURE – is purely the body tambura in a delicate way, lovingly played, therefore variously usable
WAVES – lets you feel the inner ocean, the depth of the soul, can also be used for inner cleansing
SUNFLOWERS – is more experimental and also goes very deep, a warm song with a rhythm of nature

About the Body Tambura

The body tambura is a stringed instrument with uplifting sound and intense resonance, designed for music therapy. It can be placed on people’s bodies for sound treatment or sound massage, or you can listen to the sounds without body contact.

This extraordinary body instrument enables deep relaxation by building up a “sound carpet”, the reverberation of which into silence is always a touching experience. The harmonic sound has a light, ethereal as well as grounding quality, and the whole-body sound experience has a deeply relaxing and gently stimulating effect. Find more information about the instrument here…

The special resonances, individual tone sequences and overtones have a stimulating and relaxing effect at the same time. The nervous system is “massaged”, stress is reduced and inner balance and contentment become perceptible. In scientific studies, for example of the University Clinic Heidelberg, the stress hormone reducing effect of the treatment with the body tambura has been proven. Here you can find research and practical reports: deutz-klangwerkstatt.de/klanginfo/klaenge-und-ihre-wirkung

The body tambura I play is a high quality, beautiful creation of the sound workshop of Bernard Deutz in Berlin, developed in collaboration with music therapists and built to a high quality. It is a unique piece made of special woods like sycamore maple and mountain spruce.
The tonal analogue of the body tambura is the Indian tanpura. For more info and more great instruments please visit deutz-klangwerkstatt.de.

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By clicking on the image, you will be automatically redirected to the corresponding YouTube video, thereby accepting YouTube’s privacy terms.

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