If you wish to have a personalised piece
of meditative art I am here to
create a commission just for you.

I specialize in expressive portraits,
dreamy landscapes and spiritual motifs.
Of course, I am still open to your personal wishes.

Get in touch

If you are interested in a commissioned painting for you or as a gift for a loved one, please contact me via email at or use the following form.

We talk about your wishes and ideas, size, colorfulness, style, motif, etc. and about the resulting possibilities in the traditional or digital watercolor world.

14 + 8 =

You get a cost proposal based on your individual wishes for the painting.
Prices vary depending upon the amount of time or effort it takes to create the painting and upon the size.

I charge half of the price upfront and the other half upon completion of the painting.

Shipping cost is calculated separately and depends on the size of the painting and location. I ship worldwide.

If everything fits, then it can start…I create your painting with much dedication.
Your commissioned work will be sent to you. Unpack or give away and be happy! 🌻


How long will it take to create my order?
This is very individual, because it depends on the complexity of your desired motif and the size of the format. If we talk about your ideas and wishes, then I can tell you more precise time. But at least you should expect 3 weeks for the creation of a watercolor on paper and at least 4 weeks for a print on canvas. Then there is the shipping of up to 4 days (for Germany).
And it depends on the order situation on it, that is, how busy I am already with orders.
On what medium will I get my painting?
With a classic watercolor you get your painting on watercolor paper consisting of cotton.
With a digital painting you can choose between a print on fine art paper, canvas or you get your painting digitally in tiff format.
How will my painting be painted?
Your painting will always be a handmade watercolor with a lot of dedication. πŸ’œ
When we talk about your wishes and ideas, we find out best whether a traditional or a digital watercolor would be the best choice.
Will my painting be shipped with a frame?
Should you have the desire for a frame, then we can gladly look at what style suits you and what size is necessary. I then take the price of the Rahmnes in my price offer to you. Of course, you are completely free to get your own frame for your painting.
Do I get a certificate of authenticity?
Yes, you will get a certificate of authenticity with every painting for a traditionally painted watercolor painting.
If your commission is a digital painting you will also get a certificate of authenticity for the exclusive print.
What are the payment options?
For a commissioned work only payment in advance is available (bank transfer, PayPal, Credit card via PayPal). You pay half upon order confirmation and the other half before delivery. Please note that I start with the production of your painting only after receipt of money.
Can I resell my painting or use it for commercial purposes?

Your private watercolor painting is your property. Therefore, you can sell it if that is your wish.
However, this does not apply to digital paintings!
It is also not allowed to use my paintings for other designs like mugs, t-shirts, postcards, posters etc. and then sell them. If you want to use my works for commercial purposes, you need a license from me. In this case please contact me. Otherwise I must reserve the right to take legal action.

N. W.

Julia has painted a beautiful oversized painting on our behalf. We are absolutely delighted with the result, as well as the professional and sensitive cooperation and advice before and during the work. The magic of summer, the sea bring warmth and light into the room and create a very special mood. The colors were used to match both the mood of the image and the living space in our mallorcan finca. Thank you for this very special picture! (Commissioned work: “Es PontΓ s – Bridge to the Sea”).

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Examples of Commissioned Works

Digital Watercolor on Canvas
// 140 Γ— 100 cm
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